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As a Scottsdale Insurance Agent, Greene Insurance offers Scottsdale, AZ Car Insurance from more than 25 top-rated insurance companies.  We’ll help you compare coverage and rates on Scottsdale Car Insurance saving you time and money.  For superior protection, service and value, you can count on our agents to help you find the right coverage for your car insurance.

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Car Insurance Savings

You can save even more money if you package your Scottsdale Car Insurance and Scottsdale Home Insurance together.  You may also be able to save money by increasing your car insurance deductibles. Ask us for more information.

Vehicle Registration

Before you can register a vehicle in Arizona and obtain Arizona license plates, you must show proof of Arizona Auto Insurance.  Once you insure your vehicle with us, we will notify the State of Arizona your vehicle is insured in Arizona to avoid a suspension of your license and registration.  We will email or fax your temporary auto insurance id cards right away as proof of insurance.

Auto Emissions Test

Remember, if your vehicle is over 5 years old, your vehicle may require emissions testing before it can be registered in Arizona.

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