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Since 1962, our family has pledged to protect families and businesses through personal and business insurance products.  As an Independent Insurance Agency in Arizona, Greene Insurance Group will review your present insurance coverage and help you compare insurance rates from dozens of top-rated insurance companies.  Greene Insurance Group will be your local Arizona Insurance Agent and we’ll be here to make any changes to your policy, answer questions regarding your insurance coverage or potential claims.  You can trust the team of professionals at Greene Insurance Group for best in class service.

Arizona Independent Insurance Agent

Independent Insurance Agent serving Sedona, Arizona

Greene Insurance Group is an locally-owned Arizona Independent Insurance Agency offering personal insurance and business insurance from top-rated insurance companies.  Unlike many other insurance agencies, Greene Insurance Group isn’t owned by or contracted with just one insurance company. We’re a locally-owned Independent Insurance Agency allowing us to customize insurance coverage and better serve our clients.

Offering Insurance from Top-Rated Insurance Companies:

Some of the insurance we represent include:  Auto-OwnersChubb, Cincinnati, Foremost-Farmers, Main Street-American Family, Mercury, National General-Allstate, Progressive, Safeco-Liberty Mutual, Travelers, West Bend and many more.

Some may assume purchasing insurance online or direct from an insurance company offers more savings. We have found this isn’t the case. Clients who compare our insurance quotes, coverage, discounts and features versus those of our competitors, find the insurance quotes and service we provide rival our competitors.

Trusted Choice Insurance Agent in Arizona

Trusted Choice Insurance Agency

Some final considerations when purchasing insurance:

  • Once you purchase insurance, Who is your point of contact when a question or a change to your insurance?
  • Will you experience long hold times when you call?  Will you be calling a call center or speaking with a Licensed Insurance Agent?
  • Will you have to wait for a return call to speak with an Licensed Insurance Agent?  At Greene Insurance Group, we answer our calls promptly.
  • Insurance rates change from time to time and your insurance needs may change when you move, trade vehicles or have a claim. Does your insurance company or insurance agent offer insurance from other insurance companies? Greene Insurance offers insurance from dozens of top-rated insurance companies.
  • Some insurance agents or insurance companies require their customers to submit a contact request and wait for an email repsonse. It’s a promise to our clients, you will always be our priority and our licensed insurance agents will answer your call, return messages and respond in a timely fashion to your emails.
  • You can trust Greene Insurance Group.  We save our clients time & money. You can relax knowing when you select Greene Insurance, we’re working in your interest to help you understand your insurance coverage as we customize coverage to fit your unique needs.

Once you select Greene Insurance Group, we’ll be your local insurance agency. The team at Greene Insurance Group prides itself with providing best in class service.

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Sedona, Arizona – Where Red Rocks Rule and Your Soul Takes Flight

Imagine a canvas painted with fiery hues, sculpted by ancient winds and bathed in a luminous light that seems to emanate from the very heart of the earth. This isn’t a painting; it’s Sedona, Arizona, a land where red rocks rise like towering titans, their jagged shadows dancing across sun-drenched valleys. It’s a place where whispers of magic rustle through the junipers, and serenity washes over you with every breath.

A Landscape Like No Other:

Sedona isn’t just a desert town. It’s a geological masterpiece. Bell Rock, with its smooth curves, stands defiantly against the sky. Chimney Rock, a finger thrusting upwards, pierces the clouds. And Cathedral Rock, its spires reaching heavenward, forms a natural cathedral of breathtaking beauty. Hike through these landscapes, feel the rough sandstone beneath your boots, and witness the ever-changing palette of reds, oranges, and purples as the sun paints its daily masterpiece.

Beyond the Rocks: A Gateway to Inner Peace:

Sedona’s magic extends beyond its sculpted terrain. For centuries, Native Americans have revered this land as a spiritual sanctuary, and their reverence whispers through the air. Vortexes, swirling pockets of energy believed to amplify spiritual growth, draw visitors from all corners of the globe. Whether you seek meditation in the hushed quiet of Bell Rock Vortex or participate in a sunrise ceremony atop Airport Mesa, Sedona offers a haven for introspection and connection with a higher power.

Adventures for Every Soul:

But Sedona isn’t just for soul-seekers. Adrenaline junkies can test their mettle on challenging mountain bike trails, or conquer their fears on a rock climbing expedition. Kayakers navigate the calm waters of Oak Creek, while art lovers wander through galleries brimming with vibrant creations inspired by the landscape’s majesty. Families picnic beside babbling creeks, or marvel at the constellations that blaze unfettered by city lights.

A Town Vibrant with Life:

Beyond the natural wonders, Sedona’s heart beats with the rhythm of a vibrant community. Local artists showcase their talents in charming galleries, while eclectic boutiques tempt with unique treasures. Restaurants dish up everything from gourmet delights to authentic Southwestern fare, all infused with the warmth of local hospitality. At dusk, live music spills from cozy cafes, and laughter dances beneath the star-studded sky.

More Than a Vacation, a Transformation:

A visit to Sedona isn’t just a trip; it’s a transformation. It’s a chance to leave your worries at the foot of the red rocks, to breathe in the crisp desert air and let it cleanse your soul. It’s a place where you can reconnect with nature, discover your inner strength, and rediscover the magic that whispers in the wind.

So, pack your sense of adventure, your thirst for beauty, and your open heart. Sedona awaits, ready to paint its magic onto your soul, one breathtaking sunset at a time.