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Since 1962, three generations of our family has pledged to protect families and businesses through personal and business insurance products.  As an Independent Insurance Agency in Arizona, Greene Insurance Group will review your present insurance coverage and help you compare insurance rates from dozens of top-rated insurance companies.  Greene Insurance Group will be your local Arizona Insurance Agent and we’ll be here to make any changes to your policy, answer questions regarding your insurance coverage or potential claims.  You can trust the team of professionals at Greene Insurance Group for best in class service.

Greene Insurance Group - Arizona Independent Insurance Agent

Arizona Independent Insurance Agent

Greene Insurance Group is a locally-owned and Independent Insurance Agent in Arizona.  We go to work for you exploring the best coverage and rates for your personal and business insurance needs.  We don’t work for an insurance company, We’re an Independent Insurance Agency and we work for you!

We customize Insurance Quotes to fit our client’s and their individual needs.

We Save Our Clients Time & Money
The Licensed Insurance Professionals at Greene Insurance ask our prospective clients a series of questions and then carefully begin the search to find the best coverage and rates from top-rated insurance companies.  We don’t charge any extra fees for our services unless it is a commercial Excess & Surplus Lines policy.

If I buy insurance online, can I save more money?

Some may assume purchasing insurance online or by phone from an insurance company may offer more savings.  Most of our clients have found this isn’t the case and could place their families or businesses at risk.  At Greene Insurance Group, our licensed insurance professionals will help you with finding the best coverage and protection for your family and business assets.  Saving money is important, but being well protected in the event of a claim is more important. The team at Greene Insurance offers personalized service from real people.  We answer our phones and work for our clients in a professsional office setting to protect your personal and business information.

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Oro Valley, Arizona – A Desert Gem Shining Brighter Than Ever

Nestled between the majestic Santa Catalina and Tortolita Mountains, Oro Valley, Arizona, basks in the warm embrace of the Sonoran Desert. This vibrant community, just north of Tucson, has blossomed from a sleepy town into a thriving gem, attracting residents with its stunning scenery, abundant sunshine, and a dynamic spirit.

A Landscape Painted by Nature’s Brush:

Oro Valley’s crown jewel is undoubtedly its natural beauty. Picture towering saguaro cacti standing sentinel against the painted desert sky, jagged foothills cloaked in vibrant wildflowers, and meandering trails winding through canyons bathed in golden sunlight. Hikers, bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts revel in exploring this desert playground, whether scaling Pusch Ridge’s challenging paths or picnicking beside the tranquil waters of Cañada del Oro Wash.

A Tapestry of Community Life:

Beyond the allure of its natural scenery, Oro Valley pulsates with the energy of a thriving community. Families find their haven in safe neighborhoods and top-rated schools. Bustling community centers like the Oro Valley Aquatic Center and the Oro Valley Marketplace offer endless opportunities for recreation and connection. A vibrant arts scene flourishes in galleries and theaters, while farmers’ markets brim with fresh produce and local crafts.

A Taste of Desert Delights:

Foodies rejoice in Oro Valley’s culinary tapestry. From upscale restaurants showcasing innovative Southwestern cuisine to cozy cafes serving comforting breakfasts, the town caters to every palate. Savor a plate of sizzling fajitas overlooking the Catalina Mountains, indulge in a juicy Sonoran-style hot dog at a local street fair, or sip a craft beer brewed under the desert sky.

A Haven for Outdoor Adventures:

No desert town is complete without an abundance of outdoor pursuits. Golfers tee off on world-class courses, while mountain bikers conquer adrenaline-pumping trails. Kayak down the peaceful waters of the Santa Cruz River, or saddle up for a horseback ride through the scenic foothills. For a gentler pace, meander through the Oro Valley Desert Museum, learning about the unique flora and fauna of the region.

A Future Brighter Than the Sonoran Sun:

As Oro Valley continues to evolve, its future shines with promise. A focus on sustainability ensures a harmonious balance between development and preserving the desert’s natural beauty. A thriving economy attracts innovative businesses and entrepreneurs, while a commitment to education cultivates a bright future for its residents.

Oro Valley is more than just a desert town; it’s a vibrant tapestry woven with natural beauty, a thriving community, and a spirit of adventure. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil escape, an outdoor playground, or a place to call home, Oro Valley welcomes you with open arms and promises an unforgettable experience under the Arizona sun.

So, pack your hiking boots, sunscreen, and sense of wonder. Oro Valley awaits, ready to paint its magic onto your soul, one breathtaking sunset at a time.